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Nice Pink Shirt You Have There!

8 Sep



Ultimate Dog Tease :D

8 Sep

Best Ever!!!

Cutest Thing Ever #2! :)

20 Oct

Sorry about the language (again) 😦 I couldn’t find it in English…

Cutest Thing Everr!!! :D

20 Oct

Sorry about the language, I think the pictures cuter anyway… 😛

Very Funny Pedigree Commercial!

7 Oct

…Well, it’s good for something! What if my dogs teeth fall out? 😀

The Chihuahua + The Funniest Dog in the World!!! :D

23 Sep

First of all the Chihuahua is not only the shame of little dogs, but the shame of all dog kinds (no offense) 🙂 . It is one of the smallest dogs in history, most often 15-23 centimeters tall, and it is very-very light like 1-3 kilograms! 😀

The Chihuahua can be an aggresive dog really fast if you don’t treat it just perfectly. But if you do, it will be a very loyal, and be very attached to their masters. The Chihuahua is a very adventurous dog, they are “originaly” brave, cheerful and agile. They may be a little hard to train, but they are intelligent.

They prefer to listen to proper, firm but gentle training methods the most. The Chihuahuas aren’t that different from bigger dogs, and that means don’t let it do anything you wouldn’t alow to bigger dogs (such as jumping on other people, or running around in the house at night).

The Chihuahuas are perfect dogs for an apartment. They are really sensitive to cold weather, which pretty much explains why people put ridiculous clothes on them. Despite of the Chihuahua’s size, they need the same space, which means say goodbye to your “Let’s lock the dog in the closet for the night” plans, ’cause that’s not gonna work. 😀

Well… I guess that’s almost it, but I planned you a little “after-party” below! Have fun! 😀

And don’t forget to comment, and look at the pictures below! Bye! 😉

(Ps.: The cause of me not putting up pictures of grown-up Chihuahuas, is because thaey are so darn… not pretty… 🙂 )