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10 Sep

Wow. I’ve been gone A LONG TIME. Sorry about that. A lot of things changed since then. For one, I moved to America. I was born and raised in Hungary, and never even set foot in the Land of the Free, so this is a big change for me. And what I wanted to write about today is my experience dog-wise.

The first thing I noticed is that almost everyone has a dog. Mostly small ones, but size here doesn’t matter. What matters, is that people who keep dogs here actually love their dogs more than they love themselves. This is such a refreshing thing to see. Happy dogs. Not just happy because someone loves them, but happy because that someone actually loves herself. In most places people keep animals to fill some kind of hole in their hearts. They keep pets, because their not satisfied with themselves, and they’re hoping, that a dog, or cat, or hamster will make them love themselves. Well, guess what. They don’t do that. They’re not made for that.

California is the first place where I saw, that people make themselves happy before they could make a little baby creature happy. I applaud you, people who identify themselves with this! This is the most noble and mature thing you can do, and nothing makes me happier than seeing these pairs.

You see, dogs look up to an owner who is the ultimate alpha dog. Like Cesar Milan. People who are healthy and happy, and know how to keep themselves that way. People who know what they want, and instead of whining, actually get those things. These are the happy, healthy people. The people dogs look up to. If you’re not sure of yourself, if you don’t have a strict schedule, or you’re self conscious, don’t get a dog just to change yourself. If you need a dog to change, then the dog won’t ever be able to change you. Remember that. I fell into that trap.

If you need a dog to change, than a dog won’t ever be able to change you.

What do you look for in a dog? Manners, potty trained, maybe some cool tricks, sleep through the night, be able to walk without a leash, etc… And of course, when you get the 10 week old fluffball, these things are already typed in his genes. As they were typed into yours too. No. It doesn’t work this way. A dog like this needs work. Hard work. So of course, you look at people with big dogs, dogs who wake up their owners at the morning and stuff, and you think ‘I need a dog to build me a routine’. Guess what. A dog does not know what a routine is. YOU have to tech it to him. And guess what. You don’t know what a routine is either.

A dog can change you. But first, you need manners, you need to be potty trained, you need to know some cool tricks, and you need to live according to a strict schedule. Like kids, dogs look up to those, who know all the things that they’re teaching them.

So before you buy a dog, think about who you are. Your goals. Schedule. Friends. Friday nights. Because guess what. A dog changes EVERYTHING.


Buddy, the Hero

6 Jan

I found this video on ellen, and she was talking about a true hero, Buddy. Buddy is a German Shepherd who lives in Alaska. Buddy was with his owner when suddenly a fire broke out, and Buddies owner told him “We need help”, and Buddy ran off. Now you can imagine Alaskan roads at night: Dark, snowy, lots of same looking small roads coming out of each other. It was hard to find that house, especially that the GPS froze down! The fire department couldn’t find the burning house! Then Buddy appears at the side of the road waiting for the truck to arrive, and as Buddy saw it coming, he started barking and running, and convinced the fireman to follow him. He ran for nearly 100 yard, and not only that, but he took turns on the way. The firemen were mart enough to follow the dog, because at the end of one road, there they found that house burning. Once the dog was sure that they will do there jobs from there, he ran off again, and did the same action with the paramedics too!

Buddy is a truly amazing and brave dog. And since it is “Big Dogs Week”, I thought I’ll write down one more amazing German Shepherd just for the weeks sake 🙂 .

I couldn’t really find anything more helpful than this: The largest German Shepherd is 32 inches tall, and weighs 160 pounds.

I hope that helped to “stay in the big spirit” 🙂

0 Here he is leading the Firemen, in you can’t see him, try the picture below.







alg-dog-buddy-jpg-1 Buddy is a truly beautiful dog.Hero Dog KTNABuddyandBen Buddy with his owner, who’s name I don’t know, but he sure is a lucky guy 🙂


The Australian Cattle Dog

10 Jun

The Australian Cattle Dogs are very hard-nosed dogs. They are devoted, lovely and very loyal dogs, with some very famous daddies like George Straight. These people try and keep up with the hyper activeness of these dogs.

They were bred with one thing in mind: Driving cattle, sheep. They were developed in the 1800s in Australia. Australian shepherds needed a dog just like the Australian Cattle Dog. Solution: Mix the Blue Merle and the Australian Dingo:

 – Australian Dingo,

 – Blue Merle

The Australian Cattle Dogs have the urge of nipping on the heals of sheep (or cattle) to herd them forward. The Australian Cattle Dog is known in two more names: The Blue Healer, and The Red Healer. Because the coat can be bluish grey or brownish red.

They have a waterproof stiff coat, so rain beads off of it. Many of these dogs are “pirates” with their single mask or double mask. They also have like a plain face. They also have long, undocked tail with a slight curl. These dogs demand a high level of activity. 2-3 hours per day of exercise.

They’re really healthy though. The average life span of 15 years! However deafness and blindness are common 😦 . Grooming requirements are low. But these short haired dogs may need a bath often because of the long rough plays.

Training should be easier, because they are very intelligent dogs. But if you have children, be careful. These high energy dogs may nip at their heals. But once they’re devoted to a family member, they will be loyal to that person through a lifetime.

If you live an active lifestyle, and you’re looking for a K9 companion to go the distance with you, the Australian Cattle Dog just might herd you into it’s heart.

B-Bye!!! 😉


Shepherd Dogs

15 Jan

Shepherd dogs, also known as Herding dogs, Working dogs, or Stock dogs (I like Shepherd dog best 😉 ) are very important, especially in small countries while doing stuff like:

Herding sheep, or some other barn animal. Some dogs are very aggressive to other animals (while herding). It can bite it, or  seriously bruise it, hurt it! But other dogs are very gentle, sometimes even too gentle. That means, sheep (or other animals) aren’t afraid of it, because they know he doesn’t bring them harm. Here’s the last group of shepherd dogs I will bring up, and then we’ll move on: The perfect shepherd dogs. They really know how to scare the animals, without harming them. They’re gentle, but… not gentle (you know what I mean? 🙂 )

 Some dogs, like the Australian Cattle Dog, nips at the heels of animals 😀 because of this they’re called heelers driving dogs. They usually keep pushing the animals forward.  Other dogs, like the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi were used in a similar fashion in the cattle droves that moved cattle from Wales to the “Smithefield Meat Market ” in London but are rarely used for herding today. The Border Collie, herds in a very funny way: They go in front of the animals, and stares them down, with the so-called “strong eye” 🙂 . The’re called the headers. They go in front of animals, to stop, or turn the animal’s movement. The Australian Kelpie and the Australian Koolie uses both of these methods and also runs along the backs of the animals. Other breeds, like the Australian Shepherd, English Shepherd and Welsh Sheepdog are working more independently. The New Zealand Huntaway uses it’s loud and deep bark, to muster mobs of sheep. German Shepherd Dogs and Briards are tending dogs, who act as  “living fences,” 🙂  guiding big flocks of sheep to graze while preventing them from eating valuable crops and wandering onto roads. (Like parents 😀 !)

Shepherd dogs are often chosen as family pets. The most often are the Collies and the German Shepherd. They’re great family dogs, and they can show off their talents as working dogs too 🙂 .

So, there you go, one post about shepherd dogs to go! 🙂 Thanks for reading, and look at the pictures below! Bye! :*

The Strong Eye…

A rather aggressive dog :/

What’s interesting about the Kooikerhondje

26 Aug

Hi today I’m going to talk about the so-called Kooikerhondje. Now, “What’s interesting about the Kooikerhondje?” First of all, its name! 🙂 It has the most unsightly name in dogs history! 😀 Well, the Kooiker is a German name, its first name was “Kooiker Hound”. When you think of it’s name, you think “This must be a really one-of-a-kind dog”, but no! In fact, it is very familiar to the Border Collie.

I think this is one of the most adorable dogs, and I really would want to have one, the only problem is, that I just found out that there is this type of dog. 🙂 The Kooikerhonje is a well behaved, good natured, quiet, friendly, and a cheerful dog.

It was used for hunting, and for plainly “fellow-hound”. It’s size is 35-41 cm, and it’s weight is 9-11 kilogram. It’s kind of easy to transport it, but not as easy like the Chihuahua or somthing like that. 🙂

It’s coat is brown-red, and white. Orániai Vilmos (hungarian) found it in 1650-1702, and later he actually became king (III. Vilmos). Hunters still use the Kooikerhondje for catching interesting and rare ducks and gooses, or helping people to get them into traps or webs. Sadly, in the II. World War, the Kooiker Hounds head-count dropped. People for a long time-said they’d disappeared and because of that “disappearing”, the Kooikerhondje, is disposed to take any kind of sickness, in no-time! 😦

The Kooiker’s body, is beautiful, it’s coat is water-proof, and flossy, and it loves to cuddle. I just love this dog, and it’s puppies are just adorable! 😉 It’s eyes tell you everything, and she/he is very loyal to it’s master, love people, and children. It’s really playful, a great house-keeper, and she or he’s a really cute dog.

(The real meaning of this dog, was for hunt for birds.)

Well that’s kind of it. I told you everything I could about the Kooikerhondje, and everything I found. the only ting I can tell you, is to leave a comment, and watch the pictures below. Bye-Bye! 😀

Why the Border Collie is one of the best shepherd dogs

19 Aug

First of all, the Border Collie is a very-very clever dog! It is one of the most trainable breeds. It makes a great bomb detection dog (Which for me has no use, but who knows right?):) It also LOVES to play Frisbee, Flyball, or do tricks, and she/he can be well taught to do police work, or searching, but it’s also great for rescuing! That’s a lot of stuff huh?

Well… I’m sorry to say, but these were all positive information, and now it’s time for some negative too: believe it or not, the Border Collie is actually a pretty nervous dog, which was really surprising for me, when I first heard it, but it’s true! It’s not that big, it’s like 46-56 cm tall, and despite of it’s height, it’s really energetic, and needs lots of space, so again I’m gonna have to warn you, that it’s not a wise choice taking it into a small houses.

I suggest, for you to either take it to a professional dog-school, where they make the best shepherd dog out of just a Border Collie, or do playful exercises with it at home like: 1. throwing it balls, and she’ll/he’ll bring it back 2. running 3. swimming…

In my opinion, this is a great dog, and you should definitely get one, of course not into a small house, because that is why it became a nervous dog: It is small, and because of that, people thought that wherever it goes, it can’t be too small for a dog like this, so everyone did that, and it became a nervous dog. (Which most of the people still don’t realize):(

So I guess I told you everything I know about this dog, there is one more thing to do…

Please send me a comment, of your opinion! Thanks! 😀

Here are some pictures of one of the most adorable dog in the world! Enjoy! 😀

                                                                                                              There ARE Border Collies in BROWN! 🙂

They are just BEAUTIFUL! ❤