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10 Sep

Wow. I’ve been gone A LONG TIME. Sorry about that. A lot of things changed since then. For one, I moved to America. I was born and raised in Hungary, and never even set foot in the Land of the Free, so this is a big change for me. And what I wanted to write about today is my experience dog-wise.

The first thing I noticed is that almost everyone has a dog. Mostly small ones, but size here doesn’t matter. What matters, is that people who keep dogs here actually love their dogs more than they love themselves. This is such a refreshing thing to see. Happy dogs. Not just happy because someone loves them, but happy because that someone actually loves herself. In most places people keep animals to fill some kind of hole in their hearts. They keep pets, because their not satisfied with themselves, and they’re hoping, that a dog, or cat, or hamster will make them love themselves. Well, guess what. They don’t do that. They’re not made for that.

California is the first place where I saw, that people make themselves happy before they could make a little baby creature happy. I applaud you, people who identify themselves with this! This is the most noble and mature thing you can do, and nothing makes me happier than seeing these pairs.

You see, dogs look up to an owner who is the ultimate alpha dog. Like Cesar Milan. People who are healthy and happy, and know how to keep themselves that way. People who know what they want, and instead of whining, actually get those things. These are the happy, healthy people. The people dogs look up to. If you’re not sure of yourself, if you don’t have a strict schedule, or you’re self conscious, don’t get a dog just to change yourself. If you need a dog to change, then the dog won’t ever be able to change you. Remember that. I fell into that trap.

If you need a dog to change, than a dog won’t ever be able to change you.

What do you look for in a dog? Manners, potty trained, maybe some cool tricks, sleep through the night, be able to walk without a leash, etc… And of course, when you get the 10 week old fluffball, these things are already typed in his genes. As they were typed into yours too. No. It doesn’t work this way. A dog like this needs work. Hard work. So of course, you look at people with big dogs, dogs who wake up their owners at the morning and stuff, and you think ‘I need a dog to build me a routine’. Guess what. A dog does not know what a routine is. YOU have to tech it to him. And guess what. You don’t know what a routine is either.

A dog can change you. But first, you need manners, you need to be potty trained, you need to know some cool tricks, and you need to live according to a strict schedule. Like kids, dogs look up to those, who know all the things that they’re teaching them.

So before you buy a dog, think about who you are. Your goals. Schedule. Friends. Friday nights. Because guess what. A dog changes EVERYTHING.



2 Jul

So, today I’m not here as a dentist, to show you which teeth is which teeth. That would be boring, and I hated listening to my dentist when he showed me that huge tooth… it was disgusting… No. I’m here to talk about something more interesting, and helpful. Baring teeth. You know how a dog bares his teeth when he feels that his owner or he is in danger.  By showing his teeth to other dogs or people, he is showing how strong and powerful he is. A dog whilst baring his teeth, looks awfully frightening. He pulls his ears back, showing his madness (he is not showing that he’s frightened), by baring his teeth AND pulling his ears back, he seems terribly strong, and confident. And if you look at his body, he is standing in an attack position ready to strike. His legs are open, ready to jump, and his tail is straight, and vertical, not under him, and not up in the air, and (this depends on his kind) the tip of his tail is slightly curled. This is his way of telling “I’m not happy!”

When he realizes, your not frightened by his warning, and your not backing of, he starts to bark. Not loudly, just like a “growling bark”. His legs are wider, and his first legs are slightly closer to you (if your standing in front of him) He’s looking in your eyes, which (for a lot of people) makes you uncomfortable, thinking about backing off before he strikes. His tail is still in the same position, as if it were a nail.

If your STILL not moving, (you’re an idiot), then he strikes. Face forward, so he can bite the sweet mercy out of you, he jumps on you, and “grabs you” with his first legs, so if you try to run, you fall. If so, he will stand on your shoulder, and wait for his owner to “finish you off”. If he is an “amateur” dog, he will try and kill you, if his owner doesn’t grab him, and take him away.

So I hope this post of mine helped you not to be an idiot, and backing off in the first moment he starts growling, and pulling his ears back.



Ps.: Sorry, there are no pictures, because the internets VERY bad, and the computer can’t download anything. When I get home, I will upload the photos.


11 Mar

When a dog‘s tail is held high, the dog is alarmed, or aware. When the tail is between the legs, that means, that the dog is frightened, scared. When the fur on the tail is also bristled, that means that the dog is ready to defend herself, or her pups. When the dog is wagging his tail slowly, that means, that he‘s questioning the environment he‘s in, or he‘s questioning the person, or the target. Large, fast wags mean either happy, exited, energetic dog, but it can also be a sign of aggression.

Thanks for reading, the next “chapter“ will be baring teeth.

Until then!

(Ps: Sorry about the apostrophe, my keyboard is new, and I haven‘t quite figured it out.)45538-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Playful-Puppy-Dog-Wagging-His-Tail-And-Playing-Fetch-With-A-Tennis-Ball Sad Dog with Tail Between Legs tail Hap dog1

Scout 1-11

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10 Mar

If I may, I’m going to depart from the subject for on post, because a legendary dog, Hachiko died in March 8th, 1935. I would just like to say a few words about him.

Hachiko was born in November 10th, 1923. (He lived 12 years) in Japan, Odate. He is now in Tokyo, National Science Museum of Japan.

His owner was Hidesaburo Ueno. He was an agricultural scientist, mostly known because he was the guardian of Hachiko.

Hachiko was Golden light brown with white (peach white) color on the upper face, which is most common in Akitas.

Hidesaburo Ueno adopted Hachiko as a pet in 1924. Every day Hachiko would wait for his owner at Shibuya Station until May, 1925, when the professor did not return. He suffered from Cerebral hemorrhage (brain problem) in which he died. Every day, for the next nine years, Hachi was waiting for him. At first the people who were working at the station (knew who’s dog he was) weren’t necessarily friendly, but after a while, everybody was bringing treats for him.

Hachiko was found on the street in Shibuya. In March, 2011 scientists found out what the cause of death was. He had terminal cancer and a filaria (worms). There were also for yakitori skewers found in his stomach, but they did not damage his stomach, or caused his death. His monument is in Aoyama cemetery in Minatoku, Tokyo.

In Shibuya’s railroad station, every year on April 8th Hachiko is honored with a solemn ceremony of remembrance. Hundreds of dog lovers honor his memory and loyalty.

Well, thank you, for reading this, and remembering this legendary loyal and cute dog, Hachiko. Whenever you drop by Tokyo in April, or any time, for that matter, please check out Hachiko’s statue.





Also check out the movie: Hachi. But only for emotionally strong people, because we all know the end of it. I never saw it, I hate movies were dogs (or any animals) die. So I can’t tell you, what the movies about.

gere-hachi But it’s pretty darn cute!





The Biggest and Smallest Dog in the World

5 Jan

On february 15th 2010 Giant George broke the Guinness Record for being the tallest dog in the world! George i a blue Great Dane He is three-quarter of an inch taller than the second tallest dog, Titan. But sadly they found a taller dog named Zeus who’s an inch taller than George.

George was born on November 17th, 2005. His owner is David Nasser, who bought the dog wen he was 7 weeks old. He currently lives in Tucson, Arizona.

His life at home is more than fantastic! He sleeps in a queen-sized bed, and rides around in the neighborhood in a golf court. When he was traveling to Chicago for his 2010 appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show George was given a row of three seat all to him self. During the flight George, his owner and his wife Christine had to sit in the bulkhead, because George didn’t fit in the first class!

Now for Boo Boo the smallest living dog. Boo Boo is a long-haired Chihuahua, who’s height is not more than 4 inch, and she weighs 2 pounds! She lives in Raceland, Ky., with her owner, Lana Elswick. Dow at the photos, you can check out a video about Boo Boo. I couldn’t put the video here, so I just attached a link. Sorry… – Here’s Boo Boo! 🙂





Owner – Dog look alike

19 Nov

It’s a known fact, that many dog owner after about 3-5 years start to look like there dogs. A lot of people (sort of like scientists, but not quite) have proved that not only the owners start to look like there dogs, but the dogs start to look like there owners too! And not only that, but they’ve also have noticed, that the same process is noticeable with married couples too! The reason is, that both of them have different personalities, and as they live together for that long, they start to notice the difference, and they start to be more similar to each other. Now that was only the inside. We haven’t been checking out the outside yet. Some people just go to the hair dresser, and make there hair just like there dog’s. And some people just simply start to dress in the same colors as the color of there dog, or suddenly change there attitude, there taste and there style without even noticing. and after a while they just become one. They act like one, dress like one, feel like one. It’s kind of weird, but in a cute, wonderful way. 🙂
Please comment, if you sort of look like your dog, or if people say so.







Stupid Dog Names

9 Sep

It’s a well known fact, that a lot of people make freaks out of dogs. For instance, pink leather jackets, and pants. What’s that all about? If your dog is a Chihuahua, or some kind of bald dog, then you can put some clothes on him, but something that is comfortable!

The other fact is, that people give their dogs the most stupid names on earth! For example, I was walking on the street, and I here this women shouting: “Robber! Robber! Where are you Robber?!” I thought she needed help!

So I brought you a list of stupid dog names, just for fun. It’s kind of like a warning: “Things you shouldn’t do, and names you should forget!”

1. Princestarpalientalogist!… I know!!!

2. Scroto, Stump, Figgy, Boink, Smash, Tofu, Booger, SkeeterWe

3. Al Poochino

4. Almostadog

5. Sir McPoop

6. Dexteronimus Prime

7. Beanfart

8. Dr. Banana Pancakes

9. Taco Skywalker

10. Yumyum Star

So these were the dog names you should never use! If you like, I will write one about great dog names. Just comment.

And now… Stupid dogs!

 “I am a guard dog”

  “What the…”

 “I am waiting for my bacon… right here”

 “This is some crazy stuff”