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The Ibizan Hound

5 Aug

So today I’ll write about the Ibizan Hound. Probably you haven’t seen an Ibizan Hound strolling on Broadway, or Hollywood Boulevard. So if you can’t really imagine what an Ibizan Hound looks like, here’s a picture:


As you can see, the Ibizan Hound is a really lean and agile dog. It’s hair can be wired, but it’s smooth most of the time, so not much grooming is needed.
The Ibizan Hound is an elegant dog with an athletic, and in my opinion, fancy outline. Despite their fancy and graceful look, they have good bone girth and are rugged. Most people like them for their huge bat-like ears, which highlight their gorgeous faces. Their coat is usually red and white, and their eyes are amber.


Their not really big, about 22-29 inches (56-74 cm) and they weigh about 45-65 pounds (20-29 kg). The male is usually larger than the female


They are very intelligent, very active and engaging. They ranked 53rd in Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs. They are just like little clowns, trying to impress and always performing to their owners and everyone around them.

They are very intelligent, but very stubborn, so they only listen for a little amount of time, and the moment you toughen up, they ignore you. To stay calm and patient, and they’ll be your best student.

They are relatively quiet, but can make great watchdogs as well.

Ibizan Hound running in snow


They do very well with children and other dogs because of their calm and submissive nature, but if other dogs or people start provoking them, they can be defensive and aggressive. They do great in a house, in an apartment not so much, because they are very athletic and hyper, so they need to run a lot. And even if you have a garden, you’ll have to take them out for a walk a couple of times. They need a tall, tall fence, for they can jump incredible heights from one spot. Also, they have a strong prey drive, so if you’re in a park around small dogs, or squirrels, I recommend don’t take them off the leash.

Health concerns include seizures and allergies, and rarely axonal dystrophy, cataract, retinal dysplasia and deafness. Owners should take their Ibizans to the vet before considering breeding, and even if you don’t want to breed, a check up from time to time never hurt anybody. CERF and BAER testings are recommended. Their average lifespan is 12-14 years.

So here you go, one Ibizan Hound to go.

If you have an Ibizan and have any questions or problems, I live in California and work with dogs, so you can send an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can. If you don’t have an Ibizan and are thinking of getting one, or have any questions about the breed, I’m here to help.

Here’s my email:
If you have a dog and it’s sick, or you have any questions, write to:



The Beauceron

4 Aug

The Beauceron (pronounce: Bee-Sharon) is a lot of things. Like loyal, faithful, intelligent, fearless, self-confident and gentle. They tend to be aloof with strangers. They’re protective of their family and make terrific guardians. They go along very well with children, and become deeply attached to their owners.

Screen Shot 2013-08-04 at 4.34.46 PMSorry if it’s way too small, but I still couldn’t find out how to attach a big image :/


The Beauceron loves to play. She loves to go outside, and run a few laps to burn her energy. If she becomes bored, her herding instincts turn on, and she starts to herd people and objects. Herding dogs tend to do that. This is their job. Herding. And if they can’t do that all the time, they go nuts a little.




The Beauceron is relatively easy to train. He learns new commands in an average speed. He is not easy or hard to train.

3757063409_519ec6f177 077

They shed a lot of hair although they have a short coat. You’ll have to brush them from time to time, but not like every day.

Remember: The hair you brush off does not end up in your carpet. 😉

So this is the Beauceron. I know, it’s not much, but I think this tells about everything about this adorable loyal dog.

Cheers! 🙂


The Irish Wolfhound

4 Aug


So the Irish Wolfhoud. The Irish is a sweetheart. My aunt’s favorite dog. They are all gentle loving giants. But like really. Giants. Like I’m talking about a pony. He will be resting his head on your kitchen table. And they eat a lot. And just a word about dogs who eat a lot, you really have to watch how much food they eat. You’re going to have a routine, and a measuring cup, and you’re going to measure out his food. Because they eat A LOT if it depends on them. But other than that, they are lovebugs. They will want to be in your life. Family or love-life, doesn’t matter. He’ll be in it. They don’t do well alone, so some separation anxiety will be present for a while, but he’ll grow out of it. And you will have to put some time aside to exercise with your dog. They need their daily exercise, and not just running around in the yard. You will have long, long walks, with a backpack full of large plastic bags. Large.

Irish-Wolfhound-dogs-13248564-1280-1024 IrishWolfhoundFrankBrendan

The Irish Wolfhound is a large sight hound with a high prey drive. So don’t ever let him off leash. They will chase cars, bikes, dogs, butterflies, so if he manages to get away, good luck catching him. Just to be sure, take a lasso with you when you go walking.
They are very very fast, and were bred to be persistent runners. A high France around your yard is crucial.


Mostly because of their size, you should start training as soon as possible. They are relatively fast learners, many of them do well in the obedience ring and agility ring too.

elona  irish_wolfhound-irishwolfhoundpupsdotcom

Some are great with other animals, some are not, this mostly depends on the dog and it’s owner. The Irish Wolfhound is a kind of bread, that comes in all shapes and sizes when it comes to their personality. You can’t really know what your getting form reading this blog, but the good news is, that their personalities will show from the start. If the dog they will be living with or will be around a lot, it’s important that that dog’s temper is the same. They behave very well next to children who don’t provoke them, and are well behaved and calm. Younger children should be supervised, for the dog could accidentally punch them over.

The Irish Wolfhound is a really calm dog, but they need a strong-nerved, dominant owner, who is definitely the alpha dog. To be the alpha dog doesn’t mean to yell and to make the dog scared of you. It just means, that the lines you draw will not be crossed by the dog. Children and women are not alphas because they’re highly emotional. You need strong instinct and willpower to be the alpha in your home. And I’m not saying that women can’t be like that. It just needs practice.
They also should be supervised because they don’t know their own strength and size. They will want to jump on you, so you need to teach them not to do that at a very young age. And this will be hard, because when they’re small and cute, people will encourage that behavior, and you have to be the bad guy that doesn’t let him.

valdel animal_fair_jy_001_t460 10335 kid3

They’re not bred to be watchdogs, because they’re really independent and unreliable, they may or may not bark at intruders, you can’t really know, but their size and deep bark does the trick most of the time. They’re often aloof with strangers, they are very gentle when treated with love, but can turn very aggressive when provoked. As I mentioned, they are very independent, so if someone stands in their way, it takes the alpha dog of the house to stop them. And that should be you.

They do shed a fair amount of hair, but because of their medium coat, they don’t need to be groomed that often, just occasional brushing, about twice a week, to remove loose hair. To avoid shedding, I recommend brushing every day, for the hair you manage to brush off is the hair that does not end up on your couch.

All together the Irish Wolfhound is a sweetheart, who will become a member of the family. They are gentle, loyal, happy and friendly, and they most certainly will climb up on your bed, lie on its back, throw its legs up in the air and snore.

If you have an Irish Wolfound and have any questions or problems, I live in California and work with dogs, so you can send an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I possibly can. If you don’t have an Irish and are thinking of getting one, or have any questions about the breed, I’m here to help.

Here’s my email:
If you have a dog and it’s sick, or you have questions about symptoms, write to:

fun-21 sleep tumblr_ml9z6v7Niq1qfm2eio1_500

So, I hope you liked my post about the Irish Wolfhound, please leave a comment of what you think, and also about what you though of my first chart ever! 😀

Bye! 🙂

Eight Below

10 May

I was thinking about writing about Marley and Me, but  honestly, I hate that movie! So I decided to write about a movie that I do like. And Eight Below is one of them. I didn’t see that movie for a long time, and I kind of forgot the plot, but with a little help from Wikipedia, I can throw something together for you guys.

The movie is about eight sleigh dogs… pulling a sled. But they make it so exiting! In 1993, Jerry Shepard is a guide at an Antarctica research with the crew of the USA research base, and the only way they can get to Mount Melbourne is with “The dogs”.







Old Jack,








and Buck.

8below.buck Sorry, this was the only picture I could find of Buck… As you can see, he’s not at his best.

The first thing that caught my attention, is that the dogs knew where they were going! They asked them, if they’re going to Melbourne, and the dogs barked, as if they were saying “yes!”. The question is, can they really do that? Do they recognise and know were they are going? The answer is: yes! They can be live GPS’s, and they can navigate you to places. But only, if they know that place. I even have a story to prove it:

My friend lives on a hill, about 2 miles from the city. And he once took his dogs pups to the vet, to have the doc check them out. The vet was about 3 miles from their house, and believe it or not, his dog was waiting outside when they got out! That dog went all the way to the vet all by herself, and waited for her pups to get out.

So dogs do remember places, and streets, and parks. If they get lost, and they want to go back home, they’ll find there way home.

The next scene that I wanted to talk about, was when that guy falls into the ice, and Maya has to give him the rope carefully, because she can easily fall in too.


The reason I wanted to talk about this scene, is because it was fascinating how carefull she was. Dogs tend to recognise if you are scared, or angry, or happy, from the way you talk. Like if you are scared, then your voice is trembling. Or if you are angry, then your tone is very harsh, and loud. Now in the movie, the dog detected, that her owner was scared, and serious. She heard her demands, and just as her owner, she took it seriously too. However, if you don’t teach this “trick” to your dog, than she won’t know what to do. It would be like you telling her to sit, when she doesn’t even know how to do that.

Of course I have a story to back this up too. It was my second dog, a Golden Retriever, and we were taking her for her very first walk. Now just as we were about to leave house, we saw a fox jumping the fence and aiming at our little puppy. I was horrified, and so was my mom. So she grabbed the dog by the leash and pulled her up into her arms. The dog didn’t even move. It would be likely, that after a movement like that, an impatient pup would be fidgeting or fighting or at least moving around to be comfortable. But no. This dog knew what’s up. And she layed there like stone. And she didn’t even need a command. They just know.

The “turn” in this movie, is that the dogs are left all alone in the “desert of snow”, and it is too dangerous to go back for them.


Now these are Huskies we are talking about. The “children of wolves”, and no matter how much you make a pet out of your Pointer, or your Golden Retriever, they still have their instincts in them, and that’s what these Huskies used for survival.

Sniffing, barking, running, hunting, howling, these are all instincts that they can count on when they are in trouble, like these Huskies are.

Huskies are one of the wildest, “non tamed” dogs. They can’t live in apartments, or cities, they need to live in a place close to the wild, were they are free, and were they can be in touch with their instincts.

Walt Disney pictures (my favorite thing in the world) made a movie in 2006 called ‘Eight Below’. This is one of the most amazing true stories ever told about survival, friendship, and adventure. I truly love this movie, and if you hadn’t seen it, then there’s a first time for everything.





The next generation of sleigh dogs 🙂

001BC AA0586D001



Here’s the trailer for ‘Eight Below’:

Turner and Hooch

12 Mar

I hope everyone knows what I’m talking about when I mention Turner and Hooch. If not, well, then I guess I’ll just have to tell you:

This movie is a 1989 comedy drama and action film starring Tom Hanks and Beasley as Turner and Hooch.

Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) must adopt a large and slobbery Dogue de Bordeaux into his neat and perfect life to solve the murder of Amos Reed, a friend of Turner, who was a junk-yard owner. Believing that Hooch is the only “witness” of the murder, Turner agrees to take him in, and of course, Hooch wrecks his house, and his car, and turns Turners life upside-down.

Now, for the ladies! Hooch also helps a little with Turners Love Life with Emily Carson, the town veterinarian (Mare Winningham)

Beasley is a trained K-9 police dog/actor, although the Dogue de Bordeaux is not on the list with the most popular K-9 breeds. A police K-9’s job is:

1. Protect the officer (There are dogs, who are not specialized for this. These are the dogs, who are: Argentino Dogo, Boxer, German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer)

2. Attack (there are attack dogs, like the Argentine Dogo, the German Shepherd, the Dutch Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois etc.)

3. Sniff out bombs (Argentine Dogo, Labrador Retriever, Springer Spaniel, Bloodhound, Beagle etc.)

4.  Sniff out drugs (Argentine Dogo, Labrador Retriever, Springer Spaniel, Bloodhound, Beagle etc.)

5. Sniff out food (Argentine Dogo, Beagle etc.)

6. Ground based tracking (German Shepherd, Bloodhound)

7. Air based tracking (German Shepherd)

8. Locating human remains (German Shepherd)

9. Locating drugs (German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois)

10. Locating evidence (German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Bloodhound)

11. Locatind IED’s (German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois)

12. Prisoner transport (Belgian Malinois)

13. Human tracking (Belgian Malinois, Bloodhound)

14. Odor specific ID (Bloodhound)

15. Finding missing people (Bernese Mountain Dog)

So, these were the K-9’s jobs. I collected these, from only the top K-9s: The Argentine Dogo, the German Shepherd, the Dutch Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois, the Boxer, the Labrador Retriever, the Doberman Pinscher, the Springer Spaniel, the Bloodhound, the Beagle, the Rottweiler, the Giant Schnauzer, and the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Now I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone, I just thought that this little fun fact is just a bit related to the movie and would be a fun topic. I really loved the movie, and highly suggest it for all dog lovers. It was funny, cute, and exciting.

Thank you, for reading this long, and boring list of the same breeds over and over again, and I hope (if you didn’t watch it already) that you’ll watch this terrific movie.

Turner-Hooch copy

turner-and-hooch-4-1 copy turner and hooch copy images copy TurnerandHooch-Still1 copy turner-and-hooch-movie-poster-1020296045 copy

turner & hooch copy


11 Mar

When a dog‘s tail is held high, the dog is alarmed, or aware. When the tail is between the legs, that means, that the dog is frightened, scared. When the fur on the tail is also bristled, that means that the dog is ready to defend herself, or her pups. When the dog is wagging his tail slowly, that means, that he‘s questioning the environment he‘s in, or he‘s questioning the person, or the target. Large, fast wags mean either happy, exited, energetic dog, but it can also be a sign of aggression.

Thanks for reading, the next “chapter“ will be baring teeth.

Until then!

(Ps: Sorry about the apostrophe, my keyboard is new, and I haven‘t quite figured it out.)45538-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Playful-Puppy-Dog-Wagging-His-Tail-And-Playing-Fetch-With-A-Tennis-Ball Sad Dog with Tail Between Legs tail Hap dog1

Scout 1-11

81409-71990 flag-tail




10 Mar

If I may, I’m going to depart from the subject for on post, because a legendary dog, Hachiko died in March 8th, 1935. I would just like to say a few words about him.

Hachiko was born in November 10th, 1923. (He lived 12 years) in Japan, Odate. He is now in Tokyo, National Science Museum of Japan.

His owner was Hidesaburo Ueno. He was an agricultural scientist, mostly known because he was the guardian of Hachiko.

Hachiko was Golden light brown with white (peach white) color on the upper face, which is most common in Akitas.

Hidesaburo Ueno adopted Hachiko as a pet in 1924. Every day Hachiko would wait for his owner at Shibuya Station until May, 1925, when the professor did not return. He suffered from Cerebral hemorrhage (brain problem) in which he died. Every day, for the next nine years, Hachi was waiting for him. At first the people who were working at the station (knew who’s dog he was) weren’t necessarily friendly, but after a while, everybody was bringing treats for him.

Hachiko was found on the street in Shibuya. In March, 2011 scientists found out what the cause of death was. He had terminal cancer and a filaria (worms). There were also for yakitori skewers found in his stomach, but they did not damage his stomach, or caused his death. His monument is in Aoyama cemetery in Minatoku, Tokyo.

In Shibuya’s railroad station, every year on April 8th Hachiko is honored with a solemn ceremony of remembrance. Hundreds of dog lovers honor his memory and loyalty.

Well, thank you, for reading this, and remembering this legendary loyal and cute dog, Hachiko. Whenever you drop by Tokyo in April, or any time, for that matter, please check out Hachiko’s statue.





Also check out the movie: Hachi. But only for emotionally strong people, because we all know the end of it. I never saw it, I hate movies were dogs (or any animals) die. So I can’t tell you, what the movies about.

gere-hachi But it’s pretty darn cute!