Eight Below

10 May

I was thinking about writing about Marley and Me, but  honestly, I hate that movie! So I decided to write about a movie that I do like. And Eight Below is one of them. I didn’t see that movie for a long time, and I kind of forgot the plot, but with a little help from Wikipedia, I can throw something together for you guys.

The movie is about eight sleigh dogs… pulling a sled. But they make it so exiting! In 1993, Jerry Shepard is a guide at an Antarctica research with the crew of the USA research base, and the only way they can get to Mount Melbourne is with “The dogs”.







Old Jack,








and Buck.

8below.buck Sorry, this was the only picture I could find of Buck… As you can see, he’s not at his best.

The first thing that caught my attention, is that the dogs knew where they were going! They asked them, if they’re going to Melbourne, and the dogs barked, as if they were saying “yes!”. The question is, can they really do that? Do they recognise and know were they are going? The answer is: yes! They can be live GPS’s, and they can navigate you to places. But only, if they know that place. I even have a story to prove it:

My friend lives on a hill, about 2 miles from the city. And he once took his dogs pups to the vet, to have the doc check them out. The vet was about 3 miles from their house, and believe it or not, his dog was waiting outside when they got out! That dog went all the way to the vet all by herself, and waited for her pups to get out.

So dogs do remember places, and streets, and parks. If they get lost, and they want to go back home, they’ll find there way home.

The next scene that I wanted to talk about, was when that guy falls into the ice, and Maya has to give him the rope carefully, because she can easily fall in too.


The reason I wanted to talk about this scene, is because it was fascinating how carefull she was. Dogs tend to recognise if you are scared, or angry, or happy, from the way you talk. Like if you are scared, then your voice is trembling. Or if you are angry, then your tone is very harsh, and loud. Now in the movie, the dog detected, that her owner was scared, and serious. She heard her demands, and just as her owner, she took it seriously too. However, if you don’t teach this “trick” to your dog, than she won’t know what to do. It would be like you telling her to sit, when she doesn’t even know how to do that.

Of course I have a story to back this up too. It was my second dog, a Golden Retriever, and we were taking her for her very first walk. Now just as we were about to leave house, we saw a fox jumping the fence and aiming at our little puppy. I was horrified, and so was my mom. So she grabbed the dog by the leash and pulled her up into her arms. The dog didn’t even move. It would be likely, that after a movement like that, an impatient pup would be fidgeting or fighting or at least moving around to be comfortable. But no. This dog knew what’s up. And she layed there like stone. And she didn’t even need a command. They just know.

The “turn” in this movie, is that the dogs are left all alone in the “desert of snow”, and it is too dangerous to go back for them.


Now these are Huskies we are talking about. The “children of wolves”, and no matter how much you make a pet out of your Pointer, or your Golden Retriever, they still have their instincts in them, and that’s what these Huskies used for survival.

Sniffing, barking, running, hunting, howling, these are all instincts that they can count on when they are in trouble, like these Huskies are.

Huskies are one of the wildest, “non tamed” dogs. They can’t live in apartments, or cities, they need to live in a place close to the wild, were they are free, and were they can be in touch with their instincts.

Walt Disney pictures (my favorite thing in the world) made a movie in 2006 called ‘Eight Below’. This is one of the most amazing true stories ever told about survival, friendship, and adventure. I truly love this movie, and if you hadn’t seen it, then there’s a first time for everything.





The next generation of sleigh dogs 🙂

001BC AA0586D001



Here’s the trailer for ‘Eight Below’: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXkoGlxVbLY


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