Turner and Hooch

12 Mar

I hope everyone knows what I’m talking about when I mention Turner and Hooch. If not, well, then I guess I’ll just have to tell you:

This movie is a 1989 comedy drama and action film starring Tom Hanks and Beasley as Turner and Hooch.

Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) must adopt a large and slobbery Dogue de Bordeaux into his neat and perfect life to solve the murder of Amos Reed, a friend of Turner, who was a junk-yard owner. Believing that Hooch is the only “witness” of the murder, Turner agrees to take him in, and of course, Hooch wrecks his house, and his car, and turns Turners life upside-down.

Now, for the ladies! Hooch also helps a little with Turners Love Life with Emily Carson, the town veterinarian (Mare Winningham)

Beasley is a trained K-9 police dog/actor, although the Dogue de Bordeaux is not on the list with the most popular K-9 breeds. A police K-9’s job is:

1. Protect the officer (There are dogs, who are not specialized for this. These are the dogs, who are: Argentino Dogo, Boxer, German Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Giant Schnauzer)

2. Attack (there are attack dogs, like the Argentine Dogo, the German Shepherd, the Dutch Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois etc.)

3. Sniff out bombs (Argentine Dogo, Labrador Retriever, Springer Spaniel, Bloodhound, Beagle etc.)

4.  Sniff out drugs (Argentine Dogo, Labrador Retriever, Springer Spaniel, Bloodhound, Beagle etc.)

5. Sniff out food (Argentine Dogo, Beagle etc.)

6. Ground based tracking (German Shepherd, Bloodhound)

7. Air based tracking (German Shepherd)

8. Locating human remains (German Shepherd)

9. Locating drugs (German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois)

10. Locating evidence (German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Bloodhound)

11. Locatind IED’s (German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois)

12. Prisoner transport (Belgian Malinois)

13. Human tracking (Belgian Malinois, Bloodhound)

14. Odor specific ID (Bloodhound)

15. Finding missing people (Bernese Mountain Dog)

So, these were the K-9’s jobs. I collected these, from only the top K-9s: The Argentine Dogo, the German Shepherd, the Dutch Shepherd, the Belgian Malinois, the Boxer, the Labrador Retriever, the Doberman Pinscher, the Springer Spaniel, the Bloodhound, the Beagle, the Rottweiler, the Giant Schnauzer, and the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Now I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone, I just thought that this little fun fact is just a bit related to the movie and would be a fun topic. I really loved the movie, and highly suggest it for all dog lovers. It was funny, cute, and exciting.

Thank you, for reading this long, and boring list of the same breeds over and over again, and I hope (if you didn’t watch it already) that you’ll watch this terrific movie.

Turner-Hooch copy

turner-and-hooch-4-1 copy turner and hooch copy images copy TurnerandHooch-Still1 copy turner-and-hooch-movie-poster-1020296045 copy

turner & hooch copy


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