11 Mar

When a dog‘s tail is held high, the dog is alarmed, or aware. When the tail is between the legs, that means, that the dog is frightened, scared. When the fur on the tail is also bristled, that means that the dog is ready to defend herself, or her pups. When the dog is wagging his tail slowly, that means, that he‘s questioning the environment he‘s in, or he‘s questioning the person, or the target. Large, fast wags mean either happy, exited, energetic dog, but it can also be a sign of aggression.

Thanks for reading, the next “chapter“ will be baring teeth.

Until then!

(Ps: Sorry about the apostrophe, my keyboard is new, and I haven‘t quite figured it out.)45538-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Playful-Puppy-Dog-Wagging-His-Tail-And-Playing-Fetch-With-A-Tennis-Ball Sad Dog with Tail Between Legs tail Hap dog1

Scout 1-11

81409-71990 flag-tail




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