7 Jan

Today I’m gonna give you the keys to being a hunting dog. First, you’ll need to get your dog to be these: Focused, discipline, he needs to have excellent smelling, hearing, and he needs to have guts (courage). This is going to be a VERY hard work, I’m not gonna lie.

Now let’s jump to the beginning of things, to get the 2nd key, is the key to the shelter, or to an owner. This is the part to choose your hunter. First of all, you have to choose from 2 categories: Water hunter, or normal hunter. First I’m gonna tell you how to choose if you want a water hunter: The most popular of them all are the Golden Retriever, the Labrador Retriever, and the Springer Spaniel. But for you to choose, you have to REALLY look into the breeds. That is why, my next posts will be of hunting dogs. Now for the most popular hunter dogs: I highly recommend the Vizsla, or the German shepherd, or the Retrievers. But next to all those, the most popular hunting dogs are the Brittany, the Beagle, and the Dachshund. From these breeds, you can ind the Labrador, the Goldie, the Vizsla, and the Beagle.

The third key, is to (if you’re dealing with a water hunter) get him used to the water. Take him out to a river, let him swim, and enjoy it. If you’re dealing with a hunter, go hiking. Or go to a forest. Climb mountains! Get her used to her surroundings.

The fourth key is to take them to your first hunt. (After accomplishing all of these goals) – Because if they’re not discipline, or patient, they will always scare the prey away. Get them to sit, get them to stay. Target your lunch, and once you shot it, you can get your dog to run, or swim towards them. After a while you won’t even have to give them commands, they’ll know, if it’s a gunshot, then they’re shootin’ out! You also have to teach them, to bring the prey to you. You can start out with toys. Don’t let them chew them. Teach them to bring it, not eat it. It is your lunch (Maybe as an award you can give some of it to him. 🙂 ) So enjoy your hunt with your terrific hunting dog!


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