Buddy, the Hero

6 Jan

I found this video on ellen, and she was talking about a true hero, Buddy. Buddy is a German Shepherd who lives in Alaska. Buddy was with his owner when suddenly a fire broke out, and Buddies owner told him “We need help”, and Buddy ran off. Now you can imagine Alaskan roads at night: Dark, snowy, lots of same looking small roads coming out of each other. It was hard to find that house, especially that the GPS froze down! The fire department couldn’t find the burning house! Then Buddy appears at the side of the road waiting for the truck to arrive, and as Buddy saw it coming, he started barking and running, and convinced the fireman to follow him. He ran for nearly 100 yard, and not only that, but he took turns on the way. The firemen were mart enough to follow the dog, because at the end of one road, there they found that house burning. Once the dog was sure that they will do there jobs from there, he ran off again, and did the same action with the paramedics too!

Buddy is a truly amazing and brave dog. And since it is “Big Dogs Week”, I thought I’ll write down one more amazing German Shepherd just for the weeks sake 🙂 .

I couldn’t really find anything more helpful than this: The largest German Shepherd is 32 inches tall, and weighs 160 pounds.

I hope that helped to “stay in the big spirit” 🙂

0 Here he is leading the Firemen, in you can’t see him, try the picture below.







alg-dog-buddy-jpg-1 Buddy is a truly beautiful dog.Hero Dog KTNABuddyandBen Buddy with his owner, who’s name I don’t know, but he sure is a lucky guy 🙂



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