Owner – Dog look alike

19 Nov

It’s a known fact, that many dog owner after about 3-5 years start to look like there dogs. A lot of people (sort of like scientists, but not quite) have proved that not only the owners start to look like there dogs, but the dogs start to look like there owners too! And not only that, but they’ve also have noticed, that the same process is noticeable with married couples too! The reason is, that both of them have different personalities, and as they live together for that long, they start to notice the difference, and they start to be more similar to each other. Now that was only the inside. We haven’t been checking out the outside yet. Some people just go to the hair dresser, and make there hair just like there dog’s. And some people just simply start to dress in the same colors as the color of there dog, or suddenly change there attitude, there taste and there style without even noticing. and after a while they just become one. They act like one, dress like one, feel like one. It’s kind of weird, but in a cute, wonderful way. 🙂
Please comment, if you sort of look like your dog, or if people say so.








One Response to “Owner – Dog look alike”

  1. Complexiderm And ellison die March 17, 2015 at 12:23 am #

    It’s wonderful thaat youu are getting thughts from ths
    paragraph as well as from our dialogue maade at this place.

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