Stupid Dog Names

9 Sep

It’s a well known fact, that a lot of people make freaks out of dogs. For instance, pink leather jackets, and pants. What’s that all about? If your dog is a Chihuahua, or some kind of bald dog, then you can put some clothes on him, but something that is comfortable!

The other fact is, that people give their dogs the most stupid names on earth! For example, I was walking on the street, and I here this women shouting: “Robber! Robber! Where are you Robber?!” I thought she needed help!

So I brought you a list of stupid dog names, just for fun. It’s kind of like a warning: “Things you shouldn’t do, and names you should forget!”

1. Princestarpalientalogist!… I know!!!

2. Scroto, Stump, Figgy, Boink, Smash, Tofu, Booger, SkeeterWe

3. Al Poochino

4. Almostadog

5. Sir McPoop

6. Dexteronimus Prime

7. Beanfart

8. Dr. Banana Pancakes

9. Taco Skywalker

10. Yumyum Star

So these were the dog names you should never use! If you like, I will write one about great dog names. Just comment.

And now… Stupid dogs!

 “I am a guard dog”

  “What the…”

 “I am waiting for my bacon… right here”

 “This is some crazy stuff”


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