Demon (Plum)

5 Aug

Demon (or Plum) was taken home 3 years ago, but then they brought him back, because apparently she bit a child in the family :(. He’s very heartbroken, and he’s still looking for a family. When they brought him back, they could see, that the owners didn’t take care of him at all. He lost weight, and his fur was worn. According to the information that the owners said, he listens to the name Carlos, and he only knows english. But they tried, and he doesn’t listen to the name Carlos, and the word “Sit” doesn’t mean anything to him! He’s pulling the leash, but he’s a kind, gentle dog, who loves to cuddle. He’s cooperative, and there’s no trace of aggression. You can take the ball out of his mouth, and run with him easily, and he won’t get wild.

The one thing they don’t get, is that why do you have to blame a dog, and why can’t you just say: “Sorry, this won’t work, we don’t have time for a dog…”

Demon does not understand what happend to him, he’s trying to find a way out, but he’s cute and cuddly, so please help him find a new home.


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