The Australian Cattle Dog

10 Jun

The Australian Cattle Dogs are very hard-nosed dogs. They are devoted, lovely and very loyal dogs, with some very famous daddies like George Straight. These people try and keep up with the hyper activeness of these dogs.

They were bred with one thing in mind: Driving cattle, sheep. They were developed in the 1800s in Australia. Australian shepherds needed a dog just like the Australian Cattle Dog. Solution: Mix the Blue Merle and the Australian Dingo:

 – Australian Dingo,

 – Blue Merle

The Australian Cattle Dogs have the urge of nipping on the heals of sheep (or cattle) to herd them forward. The Australian Cattle Dog is known in two more names: The Blue Healer, and The Red Healer. Because the coat can be bluish grey or brownish red.

They have a waterproof stiff coat, so rain beads off of it. Many of these dogs are “pirates” with their single mask or double mask. They also have like a plain face. They also have long, undocked tail with a slight curl. These dogs demand a high level of activity. 2-3 hours per day of exercise.

They’re really healthy though. The average life span of 15 years! However deafness and blindness are common 😦 . Grooming requirements are low. But these short haired dogs may need a bath often because of the long rough plays.

Training should be easier, because they are very intelligent dogs. But if you have children, be careful. These high energy dogs may nip at their heals. But once they’re devoted to a family member, they will be loyal to that person through a lifetime.

If you live an active lifestyle, and you’re looking for a K9 companion to go the distance with you, the Australian Cattle Dog just might herd you into it’s heart.

B-Bye!!! 😉



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