What If Dogs Wouldn’t Bury Bones?

2 May

I don’t know if you noticed, that dogs are very secretive… And one of their biggest secret is, why do they bury bones? I seemed to have cracked that case, with a little research I but the picture together… the first thing I noticed, is that apparently, they love to dig, 1 point… the 2nd point, was that they really were scared that somebody might take away what belongs to them… 2 points! 🙂 And put these together, and you get 10 points! I know, it’s not logical, but think about it! I just cracked a case wide open!!! It’s not much, but before I start to loose my mind, let’s talk about todays topic: What if dogs would NOT bury bones?

It would not be a big tragic, because we wouldn’t even think about it, but if they’d stop now, now that would be weird! First of all, dogs would be boring, 2nd, dogs would be bored, 3rd, we would be bored!

Now if it would be the past (I mean REALLY the past), then: 1st of all, dogs would have never learned to trust people -» people would have never been masters of dogs -» NO DOGS AT ALL!!! Now let’s not panic, this never will happen, because, you see, digging and burying is an instinct of dogs, even wolfs, so never worry. Oh, and if there were no dogs, my website would never have been born!!! Now you can panic, but no need to panic 😀 , there is, and always will be, a ProPuppy! 😉 If not ProPuppy, then something else! I’ll always be here. You can’t get rid of me!

But getting back to dogs, I’m gonna tell you about a dog, who LOVED to dig!!! He started when he was a puppy, and diged holes in the backyard. Then he started to dig holes by the fence (luckily, he didn’t go out) Then, the backyard looked catastrophic, but then again, never panic, the owners trained him not to do that, and, well he is a clever dog, he understood… Now he just digs hole where it didn’t bother anyone. And now they live in peace with a dog who doesn’t bother anyone.

So, dogs would be nothing without digging. But they dig! And that’s why dogs are NOT boring. And that’s why, we have dogs, and we’re to bored…

You definitely do NOT want this to happen… 🙂

THIS is passion… 😛

Bye guys… 😉


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