2 May

Lapdog are the smallest dog breeds in history (I think… 🙂 ) There are a lot of lapdogs in the world, but now I’m only going to write about 3.

1. The Chihuahua:

The Chihuahua is one of the smallest lapdog there is. The Chihuahuas are “beloved” by Mexicans. They’re famous because of there pointy ears, high pitched bark, and there size. They’re good for… nothing :/ . My opinion about the Chihuahua is… (0-10) 3-4. But what really matters is yours, so let me know ok?

2. The Pug:

Pugs are by far the largest lapdogs there is. Although, when they’re pups, they fit in a mug! Pugs are famous for there wrinkles black face, curly tail, and snorting noise.

There are some lapdogs who no longer live with us. 😦 Those dogs were very rare dogs in the 1800’s. For example, the Russian and the Mexican Lapdogs. I’m gonna say just a few words about the Mexican Lapdog: It was the tiniest lapdog on earth, it was the size of a golden hamster! 😀 (no wonder they’re extinct, huh? 😛 ). These pets can be seen in the British Museum. In fact, if the location of these animals weren’t so proving, then these pets would be classed with the Mermaids, Flying Serpents, and the Tartar Lamb as an admirable example of clever workmanship! 🙂

And finally 3. The Yorkshire Terrier:

As I said in my post, I don’t really like them. Hate is a strong word, they’re cute, but to live with them… not so much :/ . There fur can be long enough to reach the floor (I just call it the “mop dog” 🙂 ) If it doesn’t reach the ground, then they have a very cute short curly colorful fur. By colorful, I mean black, brown, and different kinds of brown, and sometimes grey. They have very soft, silky like fur. They are very small dogs, who live well with other dogs… you can read more in my Yorkie post…

So to code this post, lets add things up: Lapdogs are the smallest dogs, and the reason they call them “Lapdogs” is that they fit perfectly in a persons lap. They are great for “starter families” I mean families with babies, I mean really babies, or families with future babies. The reason why I’m supporting this is because these dogs are very gentle and ind when they are small, and when they’re big too, and they don’t need much space, in fact, if you have a small garden, you only have to take them out like three times a week! So there very easy to train, and keep in your house, and they don’t bring lots of problems…

So, these are the lapdogs…

A really unique Chihuahua 🙂 Cute…

Lapdogs can be put into clothes, but THAT I don’t support… Look at it’s face… Does it look like it’s happy in it’s clothes??? 😦

This. Is. Cute. 🙂

The “Mop Dog”… we meet again… 😀


And now…

The most beautiful and cute dogs in the world…

To be honest, I don’t know what breed it is, I don’t know if it will stay a Lapdog, but it is a Lapdog now, that’s for sure:



Bye… 😉


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