Hunting Dogs

20 Feb

When history was going threw the time where people where hunting for food, or just to have „fun”, they had a helpful loyal partner, the hunter dog. This honor was only for people who had money, good house, good garden, good job… But the people who didn’t have these needs were strictly prohibited from having one of these rare breeds!

For breeds who are needed in water, need to have rich, waterproof coat. There are plenty of hunter dogs on the planet, and each of them hunt in a different kind of way: For instance, the pointer when he sees the animal, stands like a statue, and lifts one of his front legs. The setters act very similary, only they „kneel down”, or take a running position in case the animal starts running. Some hunting dog chases the animal right to his person. Like the Terrier or some Pointers.

The hunting dog was the first dog breed ever, that is why you can train any dog into being a hunting dog. The people have big use for hunting dogs, in fact a hunter can’t work without one! They use it for either looking for animal, in the sky or the ground (there are different dogs for that too! 😀 ), or tracking down the dead one, and NOT eating it 😀 !

You know, I have ceveral hunter friends, and it’s hard work! They’re the one, who told me, that a hunter can NOT work without a loyal, well trained hunting dog. So, we bought a german small dog, to be honest, I don’t know it’s breed in english, but I know it in german: Dachshund, and it was my step-brothers job to train it. And it was horror 😀 ! Eventually, he gave up on him, and because of that, he’s still really annoying! It’s like a puppy, it’s hiperactive… And it’s 2 years old! That wasn’t a good choice, but we love him! So be sure to raise your dog wisely, esspecially when it comes to raising a hunting dog!





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