Shepherd Dogs

15 Jan

Shepherd dogs, also known as Herding dogs, Working dogs, or Stock dogs (I like Shepherd dog best 😉 ) are very important, especially in small countries while doing stuff like:

Herding sheep, or some other barn animal. Some dogs are very aggressive to other animals (while herding). It can bite it, or  seriously bruise it, hurt it! But other dogs are very gentle, sometimes even too gentle. That means, sheep (or other animals) aren’t afraid of it, because they know he doesn’t bring them harm. Here’s the last group of shepherd dogs I will bring up, and then we’ll move on: The perfect shepherd dogs. They really know how to scare the animals, without harming them. They’re gentle, but… not gentle (you know what I mean? 🙂 )

 Some dogs, like the Australian Cattle Dog, nips at the heels of animals 😀 because of this they’re called heelers driving dogs. They usually keep pushing the animals forward.  Other dogs, like the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi were used in a similar fashion in the cattle droves that moved cattle from Wales to the “Smithefield Meat Market ” in London but are rarely used for herding today. The Border Collie, herds in a very funny way: They go in front of the animals, and stares them down, with the so-called “strong eye” 🙂 . The’re called the headers. They go in front of animals, to stop, or turn the animal’s movement. The Australian Kelpie and the Australian Koolie uses both of these methods and also runs along the backs of the animals. Other breeds, like the Australian Shepherd, English Shepherd and Welsh Sheepdog are working more independently. The New Zealand Huntaway uses it’s loud and deep bark, to muster mobs of sheep. German Shepherd Dogs and Briards are tending dogs, who act as  “living fences,” 🙂  guiding big flocks of sheep to graze while preventing them from eating valuable crops and wandering onto roads. (Like parents 😀 !)

Shepherd dogs are often chosen as family pets. The most often are the Collies and the German Shepherd. They’re great family dogs, and they can show off their talents as working dogs too 🙂 .

So, there you go, one post about shepherd dogs to go! 🙂 Thanks for reading, and look at the pictures below! Bye! :*

The Strong Eye…

A rather aggressive dog :/


One Response to “Shepherd Dogs”

  1. Meme January 16, 2012 at 10:04 am #

    Hey, these dogs look much more frightening during work, than in the every day life. I am not sure, that I would like to have this kind of dog anymore!

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