Tip #2 – Walking Your Dog

23 Oct

Sometimes, dogs don’t like walking or in the worse situation, they are scared of walking.

1. The first thing you have to do, is to make sure your dog knows, that you don’t mean any harm to him, in fact, you have to make sure that he knows, that you can protect him.

2. When that’s done, walk with him on leash in the garden (or whoever is taking him out) that will make him get used to walkin on a leash with you beside him.

3. After that, go to the street (or wherever you go with him 🙂 ). If that doesn’t work, that means he will be frightend (or I don’t know what he’s like) 🙂 forever, or in the better part, you didn’t try hard enough…

4. If it did work, you can move on. If it didn’t work, keep trying, but never quit! So, the next step looks something like this: If dogs are frightened or still have some doubts about that place, he ussually doesn’t “do”there. The celution for that is hard, you have to make him satisfied with that spot, which takes lots of time. You can play with him there, feed him, or give him water there, everything thant makes him go.

5.If you do that, and it works, you’re done! If it doesn’t, just keep trying! You’ll get there! 😉

Well… I guess that means goodbye! Bye-bye! 🙂 Good luck! ;D


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