The Afghan Hound (or The Tazi)

6 Oct

The Afghan Hound, well known as the Sage Baluchi, Tazhi Spai, De Kochyano Spai, Tazi, Ogar Afgan, Eastern Greyhound, and Persian Greyhound (From this perspective, I’m going to call it “Tazi”), is a very loyal, “sporty”, and healthy dog.

The Tazi was fist found and bred at Afghanistan, that is why it’s original name is Afghan Hound. They weigh 18-20 kg (including the male) and it’s height is (including the female) is 60-73 cm. They’re pretty big.

It’s coat is one of a kind, it’s long and fine, and is seen in 10 different colors! Fawn, Gold, Brindle, White, Red, Cream, Blue, Grey, and Tricolor! It breeds 6-8 puppies who have short, fluffy fur. (Can you amagine a tricolor and a red Tazi’s babys? 😀 ) The Afghan Hound lives for about 11-13 years.

Because of it’s distinctive appearance, the Afghan Hound is most often seen in animated feature films, including Universal Picture’s Balto (Sylvie), Disney’s Lady and the Tramp II. (Ruby), an Afghan Hound also appeared in 101 Dalmations as well as in 102 Dalmations as one of the dogs in Cruella De Vile’s party, the television series What-a-Mess (Prince Amir of Kinjan) and, as Rita in the 1988 Disney animation film, Oliver’s Company. Tazis can also be seen in television advertisement and in fashion magazines (mostly hair catagories 🙂 )

So in summary, the Afghan Hound appears in 7 names, 10 colors, weighs about 19 kg, is about 65 cm, breeds 6-8 pupps lives for 12 years and is very popular!

Please do not forget to write a comment, and look at the cool pictures! Bye!


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