The Akbash Dog

21 Sep

Hello, today I’m going to write about the Akbash Dog. The Akbash Dog is like the mix of the Labrador and the Golden Retriever. (Only it’s pure white 🙂

It is a large dog weighing 34-64 kilograms, and it is 69 to 86 centimeters tall. It’s pretty huge, needs plenty of space for running, it’s fur needs plenty of grooming, like weekly 2-3 times, you need to clean it, comb it, brush it… everything that makes it’s fur beautiful and clean (perhaps you can give it some raw eggs, it makes his/her coat shinier 🙂 )

The Akbash Dog has smooth, medium long, full white double coat sometimes with some light biscuit coloring at the ears. It has long legs, a tail that curls and is frequently feathered, black or blackish-brown soft fur under its white coat. Eye rims, nose and lips should be completely black or blackish-brown for the show ring, but commonly they may have some pink in it.

The Akbash is calm but alert to any kind of danger that is threatening it’s master or him/herself. The Akbash is not shy, nor is it aggressive. When used as a protection dog, it is suspicious of strangers in its territory, and unusual sounds and changes in its environment.

The Akbash is agressive and powerful against preditors, yet, it is really gentle to newborn sheeps, and goat kids, babies, so pretty much it feels it if the animal (or person) is fragile or not.

This dog is beautiful, loyal, and I really suggest for you to keep one. Please send a comment, and look at the pictures below. Bye! :*


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