The English Bulldog

17 Sep

Firts I would like to start with (“hi” of course), but no, today I would like to start with, the English Bulldog is one of my favorite dog, and I’m going to write down the cause of that point by point.

The one problem with it is that it’s really unpredictible, whether it will be pretty, or… not pretty. But besides that, it is sweet, playful, loves to cuddle, does great in a smaller yard, and is very loyal.

The Bulldog is a small sized, 31-40 centimeters, light, like 24-25 kilogramms, short haired little cutie. You’ll never have any problem with it, it’s cute, somtimes a little lazy, but that’s not a problem. 🙂

The English bulldog, is very familiar to the Pug, exept, it is bigger, and is not that active. It is really gentle with children, loves company, but at the same time, it makes a terrific guard dog. Bulldogs are pretty much a peoples dog, and is always seeking out human attention and loves every bit it can get!

Now some sad news:

The English Bulldog is prone to breathing problems; some have small windpipes as well. Also it has poor eyesight, very susceptible to heat stroke in warm weather or hot rooms and cars. Very cold sensitive. Puppies often delivered by caesarian section because of their broad heads. Birth defects are common in some lines. Also it is usceptible to skin infections, hip and knee problems. Such as people. 😀 Prone to flatulence, especially when fed any other type of food other than their regular dog food. Which means, that it has to eat one type of food, or else it can puke, or be sick easly 😦

The good news is, you once get one, and you’ll fall in love with this adorable little… thing. You can sleep with it likes to cuddle, it loves watching TV on your stomach, drinking your beer, but it likes coke too, such as popcorn. 😀 I would recommend, you to take it to parks, run a little bit… so make it tired, and then at the time you get home, you can lie on the bed, watch TV, drink beer, and eat popcorn together… 😀

Well, I gues that’s it, goodbye! Don’t forget to write a comment, and watch these adorable pictures below! :*


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