The Boxer

4 Sep

Hello! Today I’m going to talk about the Boxer. The Boxer is a very loyal dog. It’s coat is short, and it  appears in brown, black (very dark brown), and beige. The color white can be found in them, but all-white Boxers are very rare. Usually the white color can be found on the muzzle, feet, or the chest.

Over age 5-6, they can not be trained. So, if you teach it not to like other animals, and then you decide “Oh I changed my mind!”… well, that will not work.

The Boxer is not an aggressive dog, but when it comes to saving it self or it’s master, it becomes wayward, loses control, and can not be stopped. So I suggest, first of all, you teach your Boxer to listen to its master, whatever happens.

The Boxers LOVE to swim, and they’re really good at it, they’re hunters, and are really smart. They are like Turner and Hooch, if you saw that movie. They’ll do anything for there masters, so if you love your dog, do NOT get in trouble!

The Boxers life-time is like 8-10 years, and they are really susceptible to diseases. Boxers are actually in the top ten family dogs in the world! They love children, and are very pleased near company. The Boxer needs lots of running-space, and is very happy if you want to play with him or her. I suggest, you to do playful exercises with your Boxer, like running, swimming, bringing the ball back, catching the Frisbee… There are plenty of things the Boxer love to do, and those things are very-very fun! Now, the thing is  that I told you everything I know about the Boxer, so… Now it’s time for me to write down the stuff I found on the internet! 😀

The Boxers, make terrific guard dogs, and are loyal to there masters. The puppies are a little handful, like any other dog, but ones you teach it, it will be your own little quiet stuffed animal you can sleep with. 🙂 The name “Boxer” is allegedly derived from the breed’s predisposition to play by standing on its hind legs and “boxing” with its front legs. 🙂 But according to Andrew H. Brace’s “Pet owners guide to the Boxer“, this is the least believable explanation.

Well.. This is it, I told you everything I found on internet, cause everything else was already in it! 🙂 So, please look at the pictures below, and write a comment. 😀 Bye!


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