Why the Karelian Bear Dog is the BEST hunter dog!

30 Aug

Hey guys! Today I’m going to talk about the Karelian Bear Dog. This dog, is very familiar to the well known Husky, only it has more black in it. The Karelian Bear Dog, as a few of other dog breeds,it is from Scandinavia. This dog is actually a hunter dog, and is well used for bearing, in fact, the Bear Dog, was a close relative of the Karelian Bear Dog. it was mostly used for hunting moose, lynx, wolf, and its best achievement, was hunting for the Eurasian Brown Bear! Its coat is black and white, it has some wolf-grey in it. The male dogs are 54-60 cm tall, the females are shorter, they are 49-55 centimeters tall. The Karalian Bear Dog has short, straight fur, and a fine, soft, thick undercoat.(It hates summers 🙂 )


There should be no curl in its fur at all!!!

The Fur is usually 70% black, and 30% white. (In good cases) 🙂 The bushy tail curls up in a circle on its back, and has a white tip. Te Karelin Dog, is pretty aggressive towards other dogs. They are silent, but it is very alert to any kind f danger, and when it feels something negative, it barks like crazy, and goes kind of out of control. The positive side of this, is that it is only protecting you. Its hunter behavior, is really interesting, he tracks the victim down, the he barks in a high and fast bar, and runs back and forth or around the victim, until its master comes and kills it. In a bears case, if it tries to run away, the Karelian Bear Dog will nip on its back, and aggravate it to keep it from running away. 😦 They hunt only with their masters. They LOVE to play, but you must watch them around children, because of their size, and bear-killing abilities. It never bites people, if it bites someone, it has some kind of unusual problem, or it feels threatened. They are very social, and it need plenty of running space, for it to run free, and exercise. It is a great housekeeper, which means it will alert its master is it sees any kind of strangers, or animals it does not recognize.

Well, I told you everything I know about the Karelian Bear Dog. and please send a comment, and of course watch the pictures below!

Bye-Bye my darlings! 😀


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