Why the Black Norwegian Elkhound is a terrific hunter!

30 Aug

Hello to all! Today I’m going to tell you everything about the Black Norwegian Elkhound. I would like to start with the appearance. The Black Norwegian Elkhound is a Spitz breed, with a rather short body. It has really dark eyes, so dark, that some people say, that it’s totally black! It’s ears stand straight up, its tail, is curly, and it carries it over its back. Now I guess that those are the only things about its appearance, next stop, The Back Elkhounds nature. The Black Elkhound is very alert to any kind of danger, and is full of power and pride. It can be well trained, but don’t be too harsh with him or her. This dog loves to go to the forest, and to play. It need some exercise, and activity, or else it will be much ore of a serious dog, than a playful, joyful dog. (Which for some people, is a good thing, ’cause most of the people need it for just hunting. But while in the subject of hunting, I guess it’s time for the next subject, which is… hunting! 🙂 The Black Elkhound is a terrific hunter dog. It’s most used for hunting elks moose, and bear! It’s great at tracking, and it makes a great watching dog, or housekeeper. It’s a terrific family dog, except for, it is a very controversial hound with other dogs.It was, and still is big profit for farmers in Scandinavia. I really proffer this cute dog for any of you guys to keep. 🙂 So, I guess this is it, and I’m really looking forward to reading your opinion about the Black Norwegian Elkhound, (also known as the “Black Elkhound”) so please write a comment, and of course, I put p some really cute pictures about this dog, so please watch them. Bye! 😀

And there are Black Elkhounds in grey! 😀


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