What’s interesting about the Kooikerhondje

26 Aug

Hi today I’m going to talk about the so-called Kooikerhondje. Now, “What’s interesting about the Kooikerhondje?” First of all, its name! 🙂 It has the most unsightly name in dogs history! 😀 Well, the Kooiker is a German name, its first name was “Kooiker Hound”. When you think of it’s name, you think “This must be a really one-of-a-kind dog”, but no! In fact, it is very familiar to the Border Collie.

I think this is one of the most adorable dogs, and I really would want to have one, the only problem is, that I just found out that there is this type of dog. 🙂 The Kooikerhonje is a well behaved, good natured, quiet, friendly, and a cheerful dog.

It was used for hunting, and for plainly “fellow-hound”. It’s size is 35-41 cm, and it’s weight is 9-11 kilogram. It’s kind of easy to transport it, but not as easy like the Chihuahua or somthing like that. 🙂

It’s coat is brown-red, and white. Orániai Vilmos (hungarian) found it in 1650-1702, and later he actually became king (III. Vilmos). Hunters still use the Kooikerhondje for catching interesting and rare ducks and gooses, or helping people to get them into traps or webs. Sadly, in the II. World War, the Kooiker Hounds head-count dropped. People for a long time-said they’d disappeared and because of that “disappearing”, the Kooikerhondje, is disposed to take any kind of sickness, in no-time! 😦

The Kooiker’s body, is beautiful, it’s coat is water-proof, and flossy, and it loves to cuddle. I just love this dog, and it’s puppies are just adorable! 😉 It’s eyes tell you everything, and she/he is very loyal to it’s master, love people, and children. It’s really playful, a great house-keeper, and she or he’s a really cute dog.

(The real meaning of this dog, was for hunt for birds.)

Well that’s kind of it. I told you everything I could about the Kooikerhondje, and everything I found. the only ting I can tell you, is to leave a comment, and watch the pictures below. Bye-Bye! 😀


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