Why YOU should have an Irish/Red Setter

25 Aug

First of all, I’m really sorry, for not writing a post the other day, I was just hung up on my 20 paged “homework”. So, today I’m going to write about the Irish Setter, also known as the Red Setter. In my opinion, this is a great dog. In my moms opinion… not so much. I don’t know why she does not want to keep an adorable dog, as the Irish Setter, but she grew up next to 13 dogs, so I believe her. The Red Setter, is really familiar to the Golden Retriever, the only 3 dissimilar body-parts are these: It’s muzzle is thinner, the nose is longer, and the color is almost always deep red, and never gold. the rest is the same: It has a same long tail with flag-like tufts hanging from it. It loves water just like the Retriever, and it’s really “sporty”. There is one negative information abot this dog, which is actually not even that negative, it’s that it’s not exactly a house-keeper type of dog, ’cause it’s way too playful for that. 😀 I think this is a beautiful streamlined dog. It loves company, and it’s master of course. The Red Setter is a really loyal, and teachable dog. It loves it if you’re there for her/him always, even if you don’t employ him/her at the moment, it feel good just being around you. I once heard of an Irish Setter, who’s master went to work, and she was so depressed, that she followed him to work, and waited at the stairs until he came out. from that day on, her master always takes her to work with him. When his wife came home from the conference, she was terrified that the dog is missing, and she called him at work. He told her what happened, (the dog was there behind him) and you’ll never believe this, the dog went home to the wife! It’s amazing isn’t it? First I didn’t believe it, the I found some videos of it on web, and it was unbelievable! This is all I got for “today”, and I hope I’ll get on track by tomorrow! Bye! 😉

Check out the cool pictures below:


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