Why the “Frenchie” is one of the most adorable dogs

25 Aug

Sorry again, for not writing, I guess I just really lost track of time. Today I’m going to write about the French Bulldog. My brother really wants me t have one, and I don’t blame him, it’s really an adorable doggie. It’s small, it’s lovable, and the way she/he can look at you… your hear will melt. 🙂 It’s a cuddly cute dog, you’ll just love! It’s height, is 30-31 cm, and it’s weight is 11-13 kg. This dog is really not aggressive, it’s easy to transport, it’s not suggested to be a guard dog (it’s really not a guard dog type), it’s not a good idea to keep it as a shepherd dog, ’cause you’ll be really disappointed in it him(/her), you will not have problems with taking it out, and it automatically starts barking like a robot :), it’s social life in a 0-10 scale, I’d say… 5, and finally, it’s extremely suitable for children. It’s coat is sort, but you still have to groom her/him minimum once in a week. The grooming works like this: It’s pretty easy, you get a brush that is strong enough to take out the dead hair, but sooth enough to not hurt your dog. The next step, is to check, and clean out the little wrinkles on it’s muzzle. And voila! You made your self a sparkly-clean doggie! It’s colors are brindle, pied, fawn, black, or maybe drab. In pied, it’s usually white and/or brindle patches. The French Bulldog also known as the Frenchie, easily catches different kinds of sicknesses, allergies, so you must take it to the animal-doctor, and ask for the doctor to give a graft to your loving doggie. Well, I guess I told you everything I know about the Frenchie, so there’s one thing left: Check out the pictures below, and leave a comment, before you leave! 😉


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