Infos you should know about the Beagle

25 Aug

Hello to all! I finally caught track of time! 😀 Today I’m going to right about the Beagle. The Beagle is an adorable puppy, the only huge problem with it is that it’s not that loyal, as other dogs. Although, it makes a good housekeeper, and a great shepherd! It has a negative habit which is that if you take it out in the morning, it starts barking like crazy! I’s actually pretty easy to transport it anywhere! You must tae it out to play or just walk for at least an hour every day! If you try to train it, then it may get out of hand and start doing some of it’s favorite activities: making a mess and not listening at yo at all! 🙂 This dog is originally from Great Britain. It’s not that big, it’s 33-40 cm tall, and it’s weight is 8-14 kg. It’s litter sizes is min. 2-4 max. 10-14 pups, but the average is 7 pups. It lives about 10-14 years, the worse case was 9 years, but that’s pretty rare. A Beagle is not picky at all, although, if you start feeding him/her a type of food, it’s really hard making it eat something else. The Beagles are the smallest hunter dogs, now they make great gun-dogs, but mostly just family favorites. This is about everything I know about the beagle, the only thing left to say, is to leave a comment if you liked it. Or not, and loo at the cool pictures below! Bye! 😉




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