Why the Labrador Retriever is a keeper

21 Aug

Hi everybody! Today we are going to go to Newfoundland, because the Labrador Retriever actually has some blood relatives from there, and when I say that, I mean it came from Newfoundland. 😀 This is the first time in my websites history, that we are going to start with the BEGINNING (I mean really the beginning).

When they found the Labrador Retriever, they first named it St. John’s Water Dog. And you’re probably wondering, why do they call it the Labrador Retriever now. Well it’s actually an interesting story, the foundational breed of what is now the Labrador Retriever was known as the St. John’s Water Dog, which we know. When the dogs were later brought to England, they were named after the geographic area known as “the Labrador” (which is found near Canada) or simply Labrador to distinguish them from the larger Newfoundland breed, even though the breed was from the more southern Avalon Peninsula. I told you it’s interesting! :D. This type of dog breed, was found, and named 🙂 in the 16th century (Long ago). The white chest,feet, chin, and muzzle (known as the “tuxedo markings”) characteristic of the St. John’s Dog often appear in modern Labrador mixes, which is funny, cause St. John’s Dog had no connection with the Labrador, the only thing was that both was found by St. John. You can also find a star-like spot on the chest, which is called, the medallion, or some white hair on the feet or muzzle. Now that just sounds like a horse don’t you think?

So let’s forget the history, and get to business. I told you the history because it has a fascinating story, and has lots of adventures in it, so I just gave you a taste of the Labrador Retriever, hoping you find it interesting. The Labrador is a great swimmer, and a playful, joyful, and loyal dog, which is important, that she/he doesn’t run away. (My only excuse of not having a Labrador, is that it’s fur is really short, and I don’t like that.) 😀 I think there is no negative info’s about this dog, except of the size, which for a lot of people who live in small houses, is depressing (If you know what I mean) the size is almost like the Golden Retriever, which is also kind of a relative, that’s why the shape, and stuff are really familiar. So, the size is like 55-62 centimeters. The Labrador Retriever is really a social kind of breed, and is a great sports-dog. It gives birth to about 8-9 pups, and they’re just adorable. After 3-4 months, you can give them away (if you want to). The Labrador is a great “housekeeper”, and it can be well taught. It will risk it’s life for its master, so I suggest, you don’t get in trouble. 😀

So this is MY opinion of the Labrador, and I’m really looking forward to hearing, or reading YOURS! 😉

And now, here are some pics of the Labrador Retriever! Enjoy!! :D:


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