Golden Retriever

18 Aug

I would like to start with the Golden Retriever, because (in my opinion) that is the best dog in the world. It is one of the best family-dogs, it’s really calm, and good natured. It grows actually pretty big, it’s like 51-61 cm which is one of the reasons I won’t suggest you to keep it in small houses, because it will get like crazy, and you will have to give it away, or sell it, or in the best case… you solve it 🙂 (take it from me, I had to give it to a friend of ours, it wasn’t good).

But I didn’t want to scare you, and that’s why I’m going to calm you down, with some positive information:

1. The Golden Retriever LOVES to play, which is a good thing, because, it gives you a reason, to stand up from the computer. 😀

2. It just loves to swim, it’s actually a water-hunter, so you won’t have problem’s with not having duck for christmas. 😀

3. It’s REALLY cute, which can only be good. 🙂

The Golden Retriever is a really social type of dog, so you will not have problems with can’t taking it to beaches, or to parks and stuff. Compared to smaller types of dogs, it’s really not nervous, and it’s incredibly easy to teach her/him, for example, I once heard of a Golden Retriever, who was so bad, that his masters were thinking about giving it away, but their daughter wanted to prove them wrong, and in 3 years he made her coffee every morning, and prepared her clothes for the day!!! (by pressing a button of course) Cool huh? So I really suggest for you to get a Golden Retriever despite of what I said about taking it to small houses. You can work it out can’t you? 😉

So, this is MY opinion of the Golden Retriever, but if you have some disagreements, please let me know.





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